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About PCPM “Software as Service”


Process Control Performance Management (PCPM) is a unique and state-of-the-art “Software as Service” model that ensures delivery of value added advisory and engineering services for process control performance monitoring, diagnosing control performance issues, root cause analysis and performance optimization of base layer PID control loops as well as advanced process control modules such as Model based Multivariable Predictive Control (MVPC).

Unlike conventional approach, where the end customer invests in a software license and avail one-time services from software vendor, the PCPM “Software as Service” is a subscription based service delivery model that guarantees long term association between Apogee and the customer to ensure continuous support for all aspects of control performance management and optimization. Subscription to PCPM “Software as Service” is based on the number of PID loops or based on number of MVPC controllers and PID loops associated with it. PCPM “Software as Service” can be subscribed minimum for a period of 12 months or in multiple of that.

PCPM “Software as Service” Coverage

As part of PCPM “Software as Service” model, our consultants monitor the performance of subscribed number of PID control loops and/or MVPC controllers during the normal working hours. Problematic loops or loops with deteriorating performance are identified, root-cause analysis is performed and remedial actions are recommended by team of our process control experts. Opportunities for performance improvement are continuously tracked by our team and reported back to the process control team from customer side to ensure remedial actions are taken care and control performance is optimized and remain optimal - ALWAYS.

PCPM “Software as Service” encompasses following aspects of process control performance management:

1. Real-time performance monitoring of:

Base layer PID control loops

Cascade loops

Complex control schemes

MVPC technology based Advanced Process Control (APC)

2. Problem diagnosis and root cause analysis of the problem related to control performance of all of the above.

3. Recommendation and/or performing remedial actions (e.g. loop tuning, valve maintenance, sensor calibration, MVPC remodelling etc.) to improve and optimize overall control performance

4. Performance assessment reporting at agreed frequency over the subscription period.

PCPM “Software as Service” Delivery Model

PCPM services can be delivered in following two modus operandi.

Remote PCPM Services

In collaboration with Schneider Electric, the PCPM “Software as Service” can be delivered through Remote Asset Management Centre (RAMC) of Schneider Electric as Remote Services on shared infrastructure. In this mode we deliver PCPM services through remote location (our office in Pune). In this mode we connect the customer site (DCS) to the RAMC infrastructure set-up in Massachusetts, USA to obtain requisite data and our process control experts in Pune, India will deliver PCPM performance monitoring services remotely. Taking remedial actions to improve control performance will be done through requisite site visits.

Site based PCPM Services

In this mode we deliver PCPM services by deploying our process control experts at site in their control performance management command centre. In this mode we will install local PlantTriage server at centralized location in customer premises and then connect various process units to this centralized command centre to obtain requisite data and perform PCPM services at site. Under this modus operandi our process control experts will be at site in the PCPM command centre to deliver performance monitoring services. Taking remedial actions to improve control performance will be done through requisite site visits in this case as well.

Benefits of PCPM “Software as Service”

PCPM “Software as Service” delivers several benefits and significant value to customer’s operational safety, maintenance and reliability, and offers significant commercial advantage against the other software based Control Performance Management (CPM) solutions.

How does the PCPM benefits:

Start-up & Commissioning

Facilitates early start-up

Compliments Loop Checking Activity to resolve configuration issues upfront

Identifies poorly tuned loops during start-up to avoid delays due to poor loop performance


Optimal control performance ALWAYS

Improved plant performance e.g. higher throughput, lower energy, consistent quality

Improvement of 1 – 3% in throughput and about 0.5 – 1.5% in energy savings possible

Reduced process variability helps in smoother plant load changes with safer plant operation

Provides vital inputs for APC design and implementation

Maintenance & Reliability

Increased asset life, availability, sustainability and reliability due to reduced mechanical & thermal shocks on account of reduced variability

Reduced valve travel and wear and tear

Reduced outages and maintenance associated with poor control

Performance based maintenance for final control elements e.g. valve


Subscription based service model

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

No need to invest in software license

No Software Maintenance Support cost

PCPM services are delivered based on industry leading PlantTriage® control performance management solution from Metso ExperTune Inc. which is world renowned leader in providing process control solutions.

Apogee is authorized representative of Metso ExperTune Inc., USA in India and is certified solution provider with highest level of expertise ( for PlantTriage control loop performance management solution. Apogee has a proven track record in delivering PCPM solutions & services through a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants / engineers with strong industry domain expertise.



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