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ExperTune PlantTriage  
Article Titles Presented / Published PDF File

Automating continuous process improvement


Closing gap between engineers and management

AIChE , May 2010

Finding the Root Cause Of Process Upsets

White Paper, 2010

Finding the Source of Cycling In Process Plants

White Paper, 2010

ExperTune’s Best Tuning Tips

White Paper, 2009

Best Practices for Controller Tuning

White Paper, 2009

Low Cost, High-Return Process Control Improvements

White Paper, 2009

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Controls Engineers

White paper, 2008

Control system asset management

White Paper, April 2007

Measure. Decide. Act.

White Paper, March 2007

Real-time metrics for process performance

Article in Chemical Engineering, June 2007

How to find energy savings in process plants

White Paper, August 2006

Why do you need performance supervision?

Control Magazine, April 2006

Interaction detection using oscillation analysis

ISA EXPO, 2005

How to read “Sine Language”

White Paper, December 2006

Automation KPIs critical for improvement of Enterprise KPIs

Journeesscientifiques et techniques, Nov 2006

Advanced fieldbus diagnostics, without fieldbus

ISA2005, Houston, USA

Power, usability refines fine tuning

Control Magazine, May 2006

The link between Automation KPIs and Enterprise KPIs

White Paper, October 2005

Shift your focus from analysis to optimization using Active Model Capture Technology (AMCT)

White Paper, September 2005

Benefits of controller monitoring and Integrated PID optimization

White Paper, August 2005

PlantTriage keeps plants running smoothly

Control Magazine, May 2005

Choosing performance assessments

ISA, October 2004, Houston, USA

Establishing a basis for performance

ISA, October 2004, Houston, USA

Using a performance monitor to connect to a historical database

ISA, October 2004, Houston, USA

Performance monitor raises service factor of MPC

ISA, October 2003, Houston, USA

Plant wide performance monitor bridges resource gap

ISA, October 2003, Houston, USA

Real-time six sigma

ISAOctober 2003, Houston, USA

Learn how to assess and improve control loop performance

ISA October 2002,Chicago, USA

Prioritizing and optimizing problem loops using a loop monitoring system

ISA, October 2002, Chicago, USA

Process monitoring and loop prioritization can reap big payback and benefit process plants

ISA, October 2002, Chicago, USA

Software prioritizes loop repairs

Control Magazine, September 2001

Article Titles Presented / Published PDF File

A deal for an efficient clean & friendly oil industry

2nd Iranian Oil Refining Forum 2008, 11-12 October 2008, Teheran, Iran

For an efficient clean and friendly oil industry

ARTC 13th Annual Meeting – Singapore, 9-10 March 2010, Singapore

Multi period blending optimisation

ERTC Asset Maximisation Conference 2008, Lisbon, Portugal

Modelling greenhouse gases emission in LP models

ERTC Asset Maximisation Conference 2009, Prague, Czech

Get the most from the crude oil data you have

ERTC AM 2010, 19 May 2010, Budapest, Hungary

Automatic calculation of atmospheric crude oil distillation unit process conditions using OLE automation between Hysys and Prometheus logistic scheduler PRORAF


An innovative approach to crude oil characterisation

PEATEM 2008, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 15-16 November 2008

Refinery operation: The same tool optimizes both mid-term planning and scheduling

IRPC 2013, 9-11 July 2013, New Delhi, India

Integrated hardware/software solution simulates CDU and speeds up achievement of production targets during crude switch

18th Refinery Technology Meet, 11-13 November 2013, Kochi, India





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